Sponsored Cycle

This is going to be my main fundraising activity.   I plan to cycle around Ireland in November (bbrrrr) visiting community food initiatives (community gardens, allotments, community-supported agriculture projects etc.) in cities, towns and villages.

The idea is to raise awareness around community responses in Ireland to the desire for good quality, environmentally sustainable food by blogging about, and promoting, the different projects I visit.

Both LASC and Ecofondo are currently working on campaigns around food, food security and food sovereignty.  It is hoped that the cycle will help to highlight some of the issues central to the campaigns, raise some funds for my work in Colombia and hopefully make some connections between community food intiatives in Ireland and Latin America along the way.


8 responses to “Sponsored Cycle

  1. Hi Tomas, from County Cavan. A few gardens up this way. Firstly the one in Milltown, Drumlane community garden. Web. http://www.drumlane.ie. it is near Belturbet. Secondly another, Jampa Ling community garden in Bawnboy. thirdly in Ballinamore, The Fohera community garden, http://www.fohera.com. please get in touch with me if you need any further help. Meanwhile I will forward on your email to the members.
    Best of luck


    • Aisling, I’ve contacted Declan in Deravona and I’ll be visiting the Drumlane Community Garden for sure on the cycle. Are you aware of any community gardens in the Meath area?

  2. hi Aisling,
    That’s great, thanks a lot.
    I’ll start contacting the groups and see if I can organise a visit as part of the cycle. Are you a member of one of the groups?

  3. Hi Thomas,

    Found you! Hope you make it to us at Goresbridge Community Garden in Co Kilkenny as really looking forward to having a chat.

    Good luck!

  4. hello thomas,
    hardy man, hope you are getting a bit of dry weather on the ride. i was looking for a source of organic green coffee beans for our local food buying group when i ended up on here [god it’s hard to stey focused on the bloody internet.] was just thinking if you are by any chance passing through mid kildare and need a warm bed for the night and a bowl of soup from the garden, give us a shout, i’ve done plenty of hard bike miles in the winter and would be happy to be of service. there is a giy. group and community garden in newbridge. good road to you.

  5. Hi there
    Thanks for the offer, but thankfully I’ve been back home in Dublin for the last few days. I wouldn’t fancy cycling in this weather.brrrr looks like I got back just in time! Thanks for the heads up about the community garden in Newbridge, it’s amazing how many of them there are out there. I’m thinking about letting the blog become an info page for Irish community gardens to network and see what’s going on in other places. I might extend the existing posts to include info and contacts of other gardens. Would you have this info about the garden in Newbridge?

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