Community Gardening in Cauca, Colombia-Linking alternatives

One of the aims of the project once I start to work in Colombia will be to make connections between civil society groups there and in Ireland.  Hopefully some community garden projects, slow food movements or transition town groups here in Ireland, now that I’ve met so many people involved in these projects here, will get involved in this.

This video of a community garden project in the Cauca region of Colombia doesn’t have any English subtitles, but I don’t think they’re necessary to understand what’s going on there.

The inputs are similar: community mindedness, some knowledge and skills, few natural resources; and the outcomes too: improved community relations, better health and nutrition and increased environmental awareness.  Even if the contexts are worlds apart!


2 responses to “Community Gardening in Cauca, Colombia-Linking alternatives

  1. Very interesting this video and to read your blog. It is impressive how much you cycle and how many people you meet on your way.
    The best of luck,

  2. Thanks Joni. Yeah, meeting people all over the country has been a great experience, so many short insights in to so many lives. I’ve really enjoyed it.
    Talk soon. T

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