Day 5: Ecstasy to agony and back again

I left Dunmore East at 8am yesterday.  Hector woke me up and helped me to loosen up the stiff body and overcome the icy backroads out of town.  This is what lay ahead.

140km of road to Cork city, by far the longest stage of the cycle yet and probably one of the longest that I’ll do overall.  I was averaging about 23km per hour so far so I knew it would take me the best part of the day.  I’d also been told that the scenery was great on the coast road between Dunmore and Dungarvin.  The weather was perfect for cycling, cold but really sunny, not a cloud in the sky and no wind, ideal.  The scenery was unbelievable along the Copper Coast, one of nicest stretches of cycling I’ve ever done. I got in to Dungarvin around 2pm and had some food in an internet cafe on the edge of town.  Bloody internet was 5 Euro per hour, fecking robbery, trust me to stop at the most expensive internet place in the country and not to ask the price before I started >.<    Things went from bad to worse after that.   I had a steep climb up out of Dungarvin and got a headwind for pretty much the whole lot of it.  Joe Duffy was waffling on about some Waterford Crystal glass tables that were exploding in peoples’ houses and the length of waiting lists in hospitals – pity he couldn’t connect this to Mary Harney’s policies, the twat.  I got in to Youghal around 2-30pm and was pretty much wrecked.  I pulled in to refuel with some coffee and more energy-protein bars (Macaroons) and got going again.

By this stage I had the head down and my body was aching all over, the sweat was dripping off me and I was stuffing bananas and chocolate bars in to mouth for energy.  I’d say I was a sight.  I had about 115km done and another 25km to do.  I came around the corner then and looked up and saw this sign..

That’s what I needed alright and plenty of it.  I got past Middleton and after nearly getting crushed under a truck while trying to read a text, I got a fourth wind and cruised on in to Cork.  The traffic was heavy on the approach roads and it got a bit hairy more than once trying to negotiate the major junctions, but once I got onto the quays it was fairly smooth.  I was almost delirious arriving; the body was in a lot of pain but the mind was ecstatic.  Not something I’ve experienced many times before.  And …..THIS was certainly a sight for sore eyes.

A few more photos of the day :

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One response to “Day 5: Ecstasy to agony and back again

  1. Stumbled across your blog. Very interesting as I am planning on doing a similar thing next September.
    Tour de France or Bust

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