Training for the cycle – Round and round we go

I’ve been training for the last four weeks for the cycle and it’s going quite well, although I’m really not sure how fit I’ll have to be to complete it.  Not much professional advice either, just getting on the bike and clocking up the km’s as much as I can.  The shorter days and the wet weather haven’t helped but I’ll have to put up with both while I’m doing the cycle, so best get used to it.  Seen as I’m currently camped out at HQ in Tallaght, the training has been around the Dublin mountains. 

I’ve basically been alternating between these two circuits, one of 25km and one of 45km and training one day on one day off. Not sure if that’s going to be enough…. The cycle will be an endurance test as much as anything, so general condition and stamina will be key, I hope.

The guys at the Cycle Inn in Tallaght have kindly agreed to sponsor me some equipment and give me some advice for the cycle, so big thanks to them.  They’ve a great new shop opening in Tallaght in The Retail Centre off the High Street (across from Smith’s).  They’ll be giving my bike a once over in the next week to make sure it’s ready to go.  Fingers crossed she passes her first NCT!


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