The idea of an exchange is to bring people together, to learn form each other and to share ideas.  The current blog is meant as a tool to facilitate this process.  It’s a work in progress that will evolve over time guided by the needs of the exchange and those particiapting in it. 

For now this blog will be a space for me to coordinate and manage my fundraising actitivites and preparations for Colombia.  While in Colombia, the blog will be a space for me to document my work there and share that work with friends and LASC supporters.  And of course it will be a diary for myself and hopefully a resource for others in to the future.  

So come on in and have a look around, leave comments, suggestions, ask questions.  Reader input is very welcome and highly valued.  Just don’t forget to turn the lights out when you’re leaving.

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  1. Well done man on the blog- some interesting things you have been up to – Give me a shout next time you are doing a cycle –
    No bother bout Firday week – will be n touch on that later n the week – Hasta

    • Cheers Denis, Not sure if I’ll get out to do the circuits again this week, most of my cycling over the next few days will involve running around the place trying to pull this whole thing together. And I’ve two days bag-packing in a supermarket on Thursday Friday to boot! Stressful times. If I do Ill give you a shout. Nice one for sorting that in Limerick for me. Ill talk to you over the next few days. T

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